Barčot oil mill


The groves were God's first temples. William C. Bryant

Alongside the grape vine, the olive has always been tied to the culture and everyday life of the people of the island of Korčula. The history of olive growing reaches far back into the past, as witnessed by the earliest evidence of olive processing in the region, which dates back to more than 2,000 years ago.

Olive oil derived from various varieties of olives is full of vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids, and this is likely why Mediterranean cuisine is considered among the healthiest in the world.

This magical liquid is also used for skin, hair and nail care. It rejuvenates, regenerates and protects them, restoring their natural glow.



The Barčot family is a family of farmers and fishermen who consistently prove that it is possible to make great things from what their rugged island provides them.

Inspired by Korčula's ancient olive growing tradition, grandfather Marin began harvesting and processing olives in 1996. Traditional processing, one stone mill, three hydraulic presses and a great deal of hard work made Marin into an important olive grower and processor in the town of Vela Luka.

The oldest local olive varieties – Lastovka and Drobnica – are dominant on the western part of the island of Korčula. Extra virgin olive oil made from these varieties bears a certificate of origin. On the eastern part of the island, the most common variety is Oblica.

Due to growth in demand and the scope of business, Barčot has gradually been advancing its technology and introducing new facilities, which can today process up to 4,000 kilograms of olives per hour. Modernising the oil mill and working conditions has contributed to the quality of our olive oil, as witnessed by positive reviews and satisfied customers – the greatest reward for the time, effort and love we put into our business.

The Barčot family plans to expand their oil mill by adding a pomace processing facility and an olive oil tasting room, as well as by organising educational workshops and activities.